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Elite Brands

Purchasing Efficiences

We Are Your Customer

Centralized Purchasing – Elite is the purchasing customer instead of the 266 individual military commissaries

EMI – Elite Managed Inventory at Distribution Centers (DC’s)

  • Maximize re-orders and minimize number of shipments
  • Eliminate Not In Stock (NIS) items
  • Management of stock rotation and code dates

Responsive and Proactive Speed-to-Shelf Management Promotional Opportunities

  • Coordinate and enhance quantities with stores and Distribution Centers
  • Sales Reps work on commission basis
  • Positive reputation and working relationship with buyers and category managers

Elite’s Model = Maximum Efficiency for our Vendor Partners

Your products are sold on Elite’s Government Contracts.

1. Elite places an order with a Vendor Partners for shipment to nine DC’s.

2. Vendor Partners ship our DC and receive payment from Elite.

3. Elite sells DeCA & Exchanges on Elite goverment contracts.

4. DC’s ship product to DeCA & Exchanges and place re-orders with Elite.

5. DeCA & Exchanges pay Elite.

NO slotting fees - NO Salvage billbacks - NO stocking fees - NO brokerage fees - NO promo billing allowances - NO hidden fees

Our Military Distribution Partners

Distributor: MDV Nash Finch (Norfolk)
Regions: NE, CU & EU
% of Mix: 35%

Distributor: MDV Nash Finch (San Antonio)
Regions: MW
% of Mix: 4%

Distributor: C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc.
Regions: NE
% of Mix: 4%

Distributor: Coastal Pacific Food Dist. (S)
Regions: SF, FE & HI
% of Mix: 15%

Distributor: Coastal Pacific Food Dist. (O)
Regions: SW
% of Mix: 6%

Distributor: Coastal Pacific Food Dist. (F)
Regions: NW & AK
% of Mix: 5%

Distributor: MDV Nash Finch (Columbus)
Regions: SO
% of Mix: 15%

Distributor: MDV Nash Finch (Bloomington)
Regions: CE
% of Mix: 4%

Distributor: MDV Nash Finch (Oklahoma City)
Regions: MW
% of Mix: 12%


Elite Brands HQ

148 Main Street
Norfolk, MA 02056

Tel: 508-553-8887
Fax: 508-553-8889

Elite Brands Military Sales

Keith Smith
Norfolk, MA


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