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Providing Elite Brands to the Exchange Store

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

The Exchange Services with $12 Billion in Sales ranks 7th on the list of America’s Top Retailers. The combined Exchange Services operate over 12,000 facilities worldwide providing an essential benefit to the Armed Forces and their families.

Elite Brand's Exchange Services are provided from Richardson, TX and Norfolk, MA. Sales and Service are provided to each of the 5 Exchange Services.

The Sales and Marketing team provides full-service headquarters and retail sales support designed to build brands and drive profitable growth on behalf of our manufacturing partners. Our worldwide Sales Team stretches from Dallas to Bahrain, to Okinawa. We deliver best in class retail support focusing on the fundamentals of distribution, merchandising, and pricing. We’ll make a difference where it counts – in the store at the shelf.

Experience Counts

“In my 30+ years servicing the Military Exchange channel I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in various aspects of this unique channel. I have witnessed the evolution of the industry, observed trends, and developed insights into the various challenges and opportunities it presents. With my extensive experience I can provide valuable advice, strategic recommendations, and problem-solving insights tailored to your company’s needs for growth.”

~ Gary Boone
Director of Exchanges

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Elite Services

  • Headquarters to Retail Management

  • Retail expertise in Merchandising, Reporting, Gap Analysis & Audits

  • Ownership… Partners

    • Brand Growth & Development

  • Category Leadership and Expertise

  • Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Advanced Systems & Processes

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